Relocation Service

Orientation Tour at the Destination / Look & See Trip
The purpose of the destination orientation is intended to familiarize your employee and their family with the new surroundings and assist them in selecting preferred residential areas.


Temporary Housing
Temporary accommodations are required in the host country, particularly primarily during the house search or relocation phase. We also support your employees in finding furnished accommodation during project assignments.


Housing Search
With this service, we assist your employee in finding a suitable accommodation. We visit potential properties with them, check the tenancy agreement through our partners, and draw up a handover protocol together with the tenant and landlord.


Settling In

visumPOINT ensures that your employee settles in well at their new place of residence. We handle all registrations with utility companies and open a bank account. Additionally, we provide answers to your expatriate regarding country-specific peculiarities, such as registering their driver’s license.


School/Kindergarten Search

We advise your employee and their family on suitable and available schools/kindergartens in their new environment. We also assist with the registration and admission formalities.


Relocation Management

We will find the relocation service provider with the best price-performance ratio. We obtain and check offers, quality, and invoicing. In combination with our other services, we also coordinate the shipment of the removal goods to save you additional storage and demurrage charges/ hotel bookings for your employee.


Departure and Return Service

Our program is designed to support your employees on their departure and ensure a pleasant return. We assist with the handover of accommodation and termination of contracts.

Partner Support

We offer customized programs to support partners with settling in or job search in the destination country.


Intercultural / Language Training

Depending on the recipient's requirements, various training and coaching sessions can be provided.


Additional Services